Intellectual Property

Joint Ventures – One core mission of the IP division is to engage in startup joint ventures with entrepreneurs who have insight and innovative ideas and industry-specific subject matter expertise – enabling them to pursue what they love by partnering with them to complement their strengths. This allows our partners to focus on their area of expertise as we move from dream to reality and go to market together.

Maybe this sounds like an option worth checking out. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with innovative industry-specific insights and subject matter expertise, and are looking for a business and technology partner – a solid award winning partner with a passion for doing what’s right – we’d love to connect with you.

Innovation – Another goal of KiZAN IP is to foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout KiZAN, including within our consulting services division.

We are committed to driving value for our customers by developing and incorporating our own packaged solutions or products into the overall solution deliverable set for our consulting engagements. This allows KiZAN to deliver even more value to our customers, harnessing some of what our consultants have learned through years of experience in delivering business value through superior solutions, and further reducing time and cost while leveraging tried and true components.