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KiZAN migrates five HR and Accounting Servers to Azure and implements Windows Virtual Desktop

Gray Construction needed to continue their migration to Azure and also sought to improve their Work from Home initiative. To accomplish these goals, KiZAN was contracted to migrate five HR and Accounting Servers to Azure and implement Windows Virtual Desktop. KiZAN determined that Microsoft funding was available to apply towards the necessary services.

After the initial planning stages were completed, KiZAN began by deploying Azure Migrate and performed an assessment and dependency analysis on the 5 VM’s. KiZAN created a documented migration plan based upon the results of a test migration and provided knowledge transfer throughout to ensure the success of the migration.

The planning and architecture for the WVD pilot began with whiteboarding sessions to review best practices, use cases, and goals. KiZAN identified the architecture required to support access from a single region as all of their originating endpoints were in the Southeast region and all findings were captured in a design document.

Use cases were evaluated using up to 25 pilot users and connectivity was tested from multiple end-user platforms (iOS/iPad, Web browser, and Windows). After conducting an additional workshop to identify areas of optimization, KiZAN created a migration and rollout document along with providing knowledge transfer.

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Activities to complete the deployment included:

Validation of Azure AD Connect health

Assignment of WVD permissions within Azure AD

Configuration of service principles

Creation of host pools and resource groups

Deployment of management tools

Evaluation and documentation


The successful migration to Azure and WVD deployment will save costs and allow the client to move more workloads to Azure over the next several months. The WVD deployment allowed Gray Construction to migrate some of their existing Citrix XenApp workloads to WVD with the hopes of reducing their Citrix infrastructure and licensing costs.

Some of the workloads in WVD are client server-based and the server workloads are on-premise. Some of these workloads are planning to migrate to Azure in the hopes of providing a more robust experience where all resources will be accessed from within the Azure tenant versus across the ExpressRoute VPN path.

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