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Innovate seamlessly with a comprehensive end-to-end platform solution.

Migrate Workloads to the Cloud

Leverage your existing technology investments.

Migrate Workloads to the Cloud
Modernize Aging Applications

Decrease reliance on inefficient processes.

Modernize Aging Applications
Reduce Employee Overutilization

Provide apps for your mobile workforce (iOS and Android).

Reduce Employee Overutilization
Integrate with Existing Systems

Improve speed and service delivery.

Existing System
Address Unique Challenges

Address Unique Challenges, Reduce Labor Costs, and Boost Business Performance

No two businesses run exactly alike. Most businesses require unique software processes for operations to run effectively. However, extensive setup and configuration of “off-the-shelf” software cannot always address these needs. Additionally, many companies often use products for purposes never intended or supported by the developers, or manually compensate for software limitations.

Customer Success

KiZAN Empowers Industrial Services' IOT Alert System

KiZAN upgraded an industrial client's alert system, resolving downtime caused by outdated patching in their IOT infrastructure. Using Azure Service Bus and Functions, the new scalable solution ensured efficient alert processing and swift staff notifications for equipment failures. This enhancement notably boosted operational efficiency while maintaining confidentiality.

KiZAN Transforms Dismas Charities' Resident Management

Dismas Charities, overseeing 34 re-entry centers, faced limitations with an outdated resident management system. KiZAN revamped the system using ASP.NET MVC and SignalR, enabling real-time data synchronization across facilities. This upgrade allows Dismas to expand services, leveraging modern tech for enhanced resident engagement and seamless operations.

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