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Weekly Azure Roundup-May 31, 2019

Posted by Brandon Stephenson on May 31, 2019 10:02:00 AM
Brandon Stephenson
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May 27th - 31st, 2019

Weekly Azure Roundup

Get high-performance scaling for your Azure database workloads with Hyperscale

Hyperscale is a new cloud-native solution purpose-built to address common cloud scalability limits with either compute, storage, memory or combinations of all three. Best of all, you can harness Hyperscale without rearchitecting your application. The technology implementation of Hyperscale is optimized for different scenarios and customized by database engine.

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 Weekly Azure Roundup Tweets

aaron pareckiTwitter ShimAaron Parecki @aaronpk 

To anyone who thought partial redirect URL matching in @OAuth_2 is "good enough," read this thread. 

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Jake WilliamsTwitter ShimJake Williams @MalwareJake

During an incident, you are hunting for snakes in the grass. If you've never hunted for snakes before, everything that rustles the grass looks like a snake. If you don't know what normal looks like, your job will be MUCH harder...

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MS_SQL Server Twitter ProfileTwitter ShimMicrosoft SQL Server @SQLServer

End of support is coming for #SQLServer 2008 and 2008 R2. Explore the reasons why you should upgrade:

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Azure Twitter ProfileTwitter ShimMicrosoft Azure @Azure

Check out @bigdatabeard's blog to learn how Starbucks is innovating with #Azure technology to better serve your java needs:

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