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4 Reasons to Choose Skype for Business

Posted by David Long on Apr 25, 2016 8:30:00 AM
David Long
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The modern workplace is built for teams and networks. Real-time collaboration is incredibly important if you want to stay competitive. Complicating things are the surge of the Millennial generation into the workforce. By 2020, they will be the majority, and they communicate in a lightning fast way. If your organization does not provide the tools, they will find a way to get their job done outside of your network.

Microsoft understands this wave and how it will impact your business. Skype for Business can be deployed online, on-premise or in a hybrid manner, to allow the functionality you need to prepare your business for this modern workplace.
Skype for Business
Reason 1: Complete Meeting Solution
  • Work like you are all in one room, even when you’re not. Skype Meetings offers HD video, desktop sharing, coauthoring, presentations, and more!
  • Use any phone to join Skype Meetings, with dial-in and dial-out PSTN Conferencing.
  • Reach thousands for very large meetings with Skype Meeting Broadcast.

Reason 2: Modern Voice with Cloud PBX
  • Make, receive, and transfer business calls in the office, at home, or on the road, using phone, PC, and mobile.
  • Interoperate with existing assets and eliminate separate PBX systems over time
  • Increase agility and consolidate management with rapid provisioning, reporting, and diagnostics of voice services in Office 365

Reason 3: Skype Across Devices
  • Get input without leaving your doc. Thanks to Skype in-app integration, you can IM, screen share, talk, or video chat right in your docs
  • Connect to your team anywhere with Skype for Business mobile apps across Windows, Android, and iOS

Reason 4: Operator and Microsoft Services
  • Take advantage of calling services from Telco operators worldwide with on-premises connection to Cloud PBX
  • Subscribe to PSTN Calling plans from Office 365, use existing phone numbers, or get new ones
  • Deliver secure, high-quality voice and video traffic across the globe using Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365



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