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LG&E Power BI On-Premise Report Server

The Louisville Gas and Electric company assessed and purchased many licenses for testing Power BI Desktop. After fully testing and approving Power BI, the On-Premise Report Server was selected to host reports. Due to security concerns, the reports were unavailable to the Power BI Service.

KiZAN was involved in testing installations of the On-Premise Report Server environments. Multiple departments wanted to switch from SSRS to Power BI very quickly, and KiZAN was able to meet those needs. One way to achieve this was to integrate Power BI reports to SSRS reports using hyperlinks. It was also accomplished by passing URL parameters to Power BI On-Premise Report Server to filter data sets.


  • Lack of experience required Power BI report developers
  • Staying up to date with the releases caused confusion
  • Needed training and separation of features between Service, Desktop, and Report Server


  • Create an inventory of existing SSRS reports and Excel files
  • Discover data sources and design data marts to support business reporting areas
  • Create a simple web interface for searching multiple datasets and spatial data


  • New Power BI reports are an upgrade from SSRS reports
  • Migration of existing reports are hosted in On-Premise Report Server
  • New features are incorporated into existing reports
  • Managed and supported by LG&E and KiZAN analytics team


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