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Meet the Team

Lucas Feiock

Lucas Feiock

Senior Consultant

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My background prior to KiZAN was in Web and Desktop application development. I Interviewed for Business Intelligence and started in the Custom Application Development team for a trial period. I then transitioned into the BI team. Having the opportunity to work on multiple projects accelerated my learning many times over! I’ve worked with a variety of technologies, most recently getting into Machine Learning and AI.

I’m known for keeping the team up to speed on the cool stuff, like quantum computing.My specialties include finding information. My Google-Fu, err, Bing-Fu (hey there, Microsoft), allows me to provide a solution to a problem in no time flat!

Since starting with KiZAN I have obtained 18 Microsoft Certifications and counting!

KiZAN is made up of diverse group of people of all backgrounds, ages, and skill sets. Each person brings their skills and knowledge to the table to strengthen the team and create Raving Fans. We’re constantly learning new tech and methods and there’s no ceiling for growth and opportunities.

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